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Get the right formula to scale your campaign ads by connecting with a Facebook Ads expert.


Ads Amplifier

How it Works

Weekly Group Coaching Program to help scale your Facebook and Instagram Ads.


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What is the Ads Amplifier?


In this era of growing digital advertising, your business needs to be running Facebook and Instagram Ads. If you feel that you could get so much more from them, but don’t know exactly how… that’s where I can help. 

  • Are you in your Planning Phase?
  • Already launched a couple Facebook Ad campaigns?
  • How do you know if they are actually working?
  • Need re-structuring ideas on your current campaign?
  • Lack the mastery of the Facebook Ad platform?


Whether you are in your planning phase or you already have a structured plan, go in for a weekly coaching program in order to learn the latest traffic and conversion strategies on Facebook and Instagram campaigns that can scale your ad spend profitably.

 If you want to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS), then Let’s start talking! Get the support and guidance you need every week.

What Are The Benefits? 

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Expert Advise

A Facebook Ads expert that supports and helps you take your business where you’ve always dreamed of by providing advice on the right scaling strategies for your business.

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More Conversions

Be confident to get the results you want by getting weekly feedback on your Ad campaigns performance.

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Grow Your Business

Go from spending a few hundred dollars a month on Facebook ads to thousands a month in profitable ad spend.

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Who Is This For?

Online Course Creators

Online Coaches

Membership Site owners

Other Industries and niches

How Much Does It  Cost? 


There’s no such thing as cookie-cutter solutions. That’s why you can choose from a selection of social media marketing packages that range from $1,500 – $3,500+ per month. Feel confident in knowing that you’re choosing a plan that makes the most sense for your goals and your business.

Next Steps

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Find New Customers

Book a free strategy session to discuss your business and marketing goals to determine what the best solutions are for you.

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Have a Conversation

Receive a list of recommendations that are tailored to your needs based upon what is discovered during the free strategy session.

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Grow Your Business

Once everything has been planned and the foundation is laid, then it’s time to work together and execute your campaigns so your business can grow.

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