Bad Facebook Ads

Let's have some fun and review some bad Facebook Ads! Not only are these reaction videos fun to do, they're also educational because they teach you how to avoid the same mistakes.

If you want to check out my last reaction video, you can find it here: 


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When To Use The Conversions Objective

In the conclusion of my series demystifying the various Facebook Ad objectives, I'm covering the Conversions objective!

While all the other objectives I've covered in this series are super important, there is no question that Conversions is king. This is where you're going to be spending the vast majority of your money.

But it's not just as simple as selecting the Conversions objective and being off to the races. There are MANY things you want to consider before launching a Conversions campaign, as well as some important decisions you'll have to make.

Be sure to tune in to see what makes the most sense for your business!

Part 1 - When To Use Reach: 

Part 2 - When To Use Traffic: 

Part 3: When To Use Engagement & Video Views: 

What is Facebook CPM: 

7 Day vs 1 Day...

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When To Use Engagement & Video Views Objectives

In part 3 of my video series focusing on demystifying the Facebook Ad objectives, I'm actually covering two!

That's because both Engagement and Video Views can be used for many of the same purposes. But there are also occasions where one is definitely better than the other,

In this video, I go over both senarios. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Part 1 of the video series, When To Use Reach: 

Part 2 of the video series, When To Use Traffic: 

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Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives Explained - When you should use the Reach objective

Today I'm starting a video series where I demystify the Facebook Ad objections.

If you ever asked yourself things like when should I use the Conversions objective? What's the difference between Engagement and Video Views? What does Reach even mean?

Well, in this series I'm going to break that all down for you. And today, we're starting with the Reach objective.

Reach is definitely one of the more confusing objectives. But in the right scenario, it can also be one of the more powerful.


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Why It's Critical To Skill Up During the COVID-19 Lockdown

We're going through unprecedented times right now, there's no question about it. But most people aren't taking it seriously enough.

Most people are just focused on the immediate threat of potentially getting ill. Consequently, most people just retreat into distraction and entertainment.

Video streaming & gaming platforms are experiencing record high numbers of users because everyone is choosing to hunker down on the couch all day.

But instead of using this time as a mini-vacation, it should be viewed as an opportunity.

An opportunity to skill up, learn and pursue those goals we've had in the back of our minds for a long time.


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