3 Tips to Supercharge Your Facebook Ads

Having trouble getting any kind of traction with Facebook Ads?

Did you follow all the steps you learned in that course and still not getting the results you want?

Well here are 3 tested and proven tips that will help you get that boost you're definitely looking for.

In a sea of advertisers, there's still A LOT of people not using any of these so they're sure-fire ways to get ahead of the competition!


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Quick Facebook Targeting Hack

Most people find Facebook targeting research to be very daunting. After all, there are THOUSANDS of options you can choose from.

But what if I told you there was a way to find new targeting options you never would have thought of before?

And what if I told you it also allowed you to discover the targeting options your competitors are using?

And what if I told you it required hardly any work on your end?

Well, if you want to learn about the "easy button" for new Facebook targeting options, take a look at this video!


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How Much to Spend On a Facebook Ads Test

Facebook ads are a great way to expedite the growth of your business.

But they’re also a great way to throw away your money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And if one thing is true, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need more of your hard-earned dollars. So stop donating your money to Facebook!

This video will walk you through the best guidelines to run a test with Facebook ads without breaking the bank.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!


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Facebook Ads Conversion Window – Which Is Best For Your Business?

When people run Facebook ads they most often use the website conversions objective. This makes sense because we usually want people to take some sort of action on our website.

But within the conversion objective, you have to choose a conversion window. Do you know what that means? And if so, which is best for your business?

If you answered no to either one of those questions then this video is for you!

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Optimal Facebook Ad Test Length

Knowing how long to test for can literally make or break the success of your campaigns.

Unfortunately, too many people are doing their testing all wrong…and ends up donating money to Facebook.

The Zuc has more than enough money though so watch this video to find out how to get your next test right.


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Facebook Ads Lifetime Budget Optimization

I get asked all the time “when do I use a lifetime budget versus a daily budget for my Facebook Ads.”

And I totally get it, to someone who isn’t in the platform every day those options can be confusing.

In general, though, you want to stick with a daily budget.

However, there is a time and place for lifetime budget and in this video I explain when that is.


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Facebook Ads Long Form Video – Facts & Myths

“Keep your videos short and to the point.”

That’s the advice you hear from everyone when it comes to video ads on Facebook.

The reason for that is because very few people actually watch videos for more than 60-90 seconds on Facebook.

So…it makes sense to keep them short, right?

Well, not quite. Watch this video to find out why.


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Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

Relying on short copy ads for your Facebook ads is the fastest way to ensure ad fatigue and eventual failure of your entire campaign.

This video shows why that is and how you can fix it.


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Why "Funnel Hacking" Doesn't Work

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

People spend tons of time and money trying to create the perfect marketing funnel. And yet when they launch, they don't seem to experience any kind of success.

They're left wondering why because they worked hard on creating the perfect funnel with all of the perfect steps.

Meanwhile, there are other marketers out there who are experiencing immense success with ultrabasic funnels.

So how can this be? Why do basic funnels often outperform complex ones?

Watch the video to find out.


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My Reaction To Other People’s Facebook Ads

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

In this video, I browse through my Facebook Newsfeed and give me take on the Facebook Ads other businesses are running.

I analyze their ad copy, ad creative, and overall messaging and let you know my thoughts.

One of the best ways to improve your own Facebook Ads is by taking a look at what others are doing and either pull inspiration or add it to your “never do” list.

I don’t hold anything back in this video so take a look!

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