Facebook Marketing Do’s and Dont’s

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020

Facebook marketing is all the rage these days. For better or for worse, that has drawn millions upon millions of advertisers to the platform. Many see this as a threat, because more competition results in less ad space and higher costs-per-click (CPC). However, Facebook’s biggest strength has also become its kryptonite: targeting. People assume that if you target correctly, you will succeed. That could not be further from the truth.

There is so much that goes into running successful Facebook ads. Believe me, I wish it were as simple some people make it seem. But it’s simply not. That’s why I put together this infographic that details the the do’s and don’ts of Facebook ads. Most advertisers ignore the do’s and just go heavy on the don’ts. So what that means for you is opportunity. If you follow these recommendations religiously, the fact that there’s so many advertisers on Facebook will be an afterthought to you.

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19 Facebook Ads Tools You’ll Love

With the holiday season upon us, Facebook Ads marketing is going to heat up. Advertisers will soon start increasing their budgets in order to win as many auctions as possible. This will result in more competition which will generate higher costs-per-click (CPC) and higher costs-per-acquisition (CPA).

But there’s no reason to worry. I’ve put together a list of 19 Facebook Ads tools that will help you save time, create better campaigns, and increase ROI.

So if you want to leave your competitors in the dust, read on…

Ad Creative & Design


The most important part of a Facebook Ads campaign is the ad itself. And the most important part of the ad is the image. An eye-popping image will catch the user’s attention and incentivize them to read the copy. Canva is an amazing free image design software that anyone can use. Utilize their pre-built templates to create beautiful ads that look like they were designed by a seasoned pro. This will quickly...

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How to Target your Audience on Facebook

Know where your Audience is to easily reach them.