How To Engineer Successful Facebook Ads

Why Getting Leads and Sales from Facebook is Not Difficult When Properly Understanding How People Read Ads.

Here's a fact that most people don't know: there are 7 million active advertisers on Facebook.

That's a lot of advertisers vying over the attention of users on the platform.

The increased competition has made it more challenging to get the results we once did on the platform.

But here's another fact: there are 60 million business pages on Facebook. So the level of competition will only increase.

Does this mean there's no hope?

Not at all. Dollar for dollar, Facebook Ads are still the fastest and most affordable way to grow one's business.

The challenge is that people simply don't take the time to understand how people consume ads.

When you understand how people actually consume ads, then you can architect an ad that will infinitely increase your odds of generating positive results.

In this video, I explain how people read ads and the number 1 mistake most advertisers are making with the structure of their ads.




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