19 Facebook Ads Tools You’ll Love

With the holiday season upon us, Facebook Ads marketing is going to heat up. Advertisers will soon start increasing their budgets in order to win as many auctions as possible. This will result in more competition which will generate higher costs-per-click (CPC) and higher costs-per-acquisition (CPA).

But there’s no reason to worry. I’ve put together a list of 19 Facebook Ads tools that will help you save time, create better campaigns, and increase ROI.

So if you want to leave your competitors in the dust, read on…

Ad Creative & Design


The most important part of a Facebook Ads campaign is the ad itself. And the most important part of the ad is the image. An eye-popping image will catch the user’s attention and incentivize them to read the copy. Canva is an amazing free image design software that anyone can use. Utilize their pre-built templates to create beautiful ads that look like they were designed by a seasoned pro. This will quickly become one of your top tools for Facebook Ads.


Need to touch up a photo but don’t know how to use Photoshop? No problem! Pixlr is a cloud-based, photo editing software specifically designed for beginners. Their program is easy to use on a PC, tablet or even a smart phone with their amazing mobile app.


Depending on what you’re selling and who your target audience is, you won’t always need a custom image. Sometimes you just need a screenshot. This is where Snagit comes in. This affordable tool comes with advanced (but easy to use) features that will allow you to capture and enhance even the smallest detail on your desktop.


If you don’t like Snagit, give Jing a whirl.

Campaign Management & Optimization


For a lot of advertisers, the Facebook Ads interface hasn’t always been the friendliest. That’s why AdEspresso is the grand-daddy of all Facebook Ads tools. It makes campaign creation, management and testing extremely simple. You can create hundreds of variations of your ads in minutes,  get additional data you won’t find in Facebook, and even receive daily recommendations on how to improve performance. Out of all the Facebook Ads tools out there, none will save you more time than AdEspresso.


Want to put your Facebook Ads on autopilot? Qwaya let’s you schedule your ads to only run on certain days and times of the week. You can also have it rotate your ads more evenly (before Facebook picks a winner) or save your campaign structures to re-use later on.

Landing Pages


Want to create quick, beautiful and high-converting landing pages? In my opinion, there’s no better tool for that than LeadPages. Whether you’re targeting webinar registrations, email opt-ins, or just need some slick thank you pages, this tool will make you look like a master web developer.


Do you need landing pages that integrate seamlessly with your WordPress website? If so, OptimizePress is your friend. This tool comes in WordPress Theme & Plugin formats, so there will be no guessing on how your new landing page will integrate with your existing website. Additional uses are for membership portals and course pages.


Easy to build landing pages, sales pages, all laid out inside one overall funnel builder, with easy split-testing, funnel statistics and so much more. ClickFunnels is an especially good tool if you need a multi-step funnel rather than a single opt-in page.

Content and Conversion Rate Optimization

Hello Bar

Some people find call-to-action bars annoying. Regardless of how you feel about them though, the numbers don’t lie. CTA bars are killer for converting your paid traffic into your funnel. Hello Bar is particularly powerful if you have a refined email drip campaign to turn traffic into customers.


If someone is on a website that’s not yours there’s no way for you to add a CTA of your own, right? WRONG. Sniply allows you to do the impossible: Add your own call-to-action to any website on the web. When you link to other content, Sniply will follow users and bring them back to your site with a custom CTA. A great to option to make sure you don’t let your paid traffic go to waste.


Sometimes it can be hard to come up with campaign content. You just never know how your audience will react to it. BuzzSumo can hedge this risk for you because it quickly identifies content that is working well in a niche or industry. Take the guess work out and market confidently with BuzzSumo.


Popup Ally

Another WordPress specific tool that is great for getting opt-ins and growing your email list. Popup Ally specializes in non-obtrusive ways to get your visitors to convert.

Audience Research

Facebook Audience Insights

I can’t create a post about Facebook Ads tools without mentioning a tool within Facebook Ads. Thankfully, the absolute best tool for audience research is already within the platform, which means it comes at no extra cost to you. Facebook Audience Insights allows you to discover what similar likes, interests, and behaviors your audience and your competitors’ audience have at a very deep level.


If you want to know where your competitors are advertising and where most of their traffic is coming from, then SimilarWeb is the tool for you. With everything you learn you’ll easily be able to benchmark yourself against competition and know where you stand. Also good for identifying consumer trends.


More often than not, ad spying tools are paid. So if you don’t have the budget for a paid tool, Follow.net is an awesome secondary option. View competitor data regarding traffic estimates, SEO, SEM and display advertising. Once you learn what your competitors are doing, identify weaks points and leverage those to your advantage.


On the other hand, if you do have the budget for a paid spying tool then AdBeat is definitely something you want to look at. This tool is so sophisticated that it event tells you your competitor’s most successful ad copy and landing pages! How’s that for a competitive advantage?


Similar to AdBeat in that it’s a paid spying tool that gives you tons of data.

Video & Editing Software


In my opinion, Facebook video ads are your best advertising investment dollar-for-dollar. But not all of us are video editors. That’s why Animoto has quickly become one of the most important and powerful Facebook Ads tools. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can create professional looking videos in a matter of minutes. Level-up your Facebook marketing with video!


Re-purposing your best content is a great way to maximize your existing assets. Lumen5 automates that process for you. Just copy and paste one of your blog post links into the platform and the artificial intelligence built into the tool will create a video for you. It’s as simple as copy…paste…done.


So there you have it, 19 Facebook Ads tools you can utilize to get a leg up on the holiday season. People tend to get scared when they hear about higher budgets and CPCs. This fear is largely overblown, however. As long you leverage data to keep your relevancy score high, your CPCs and impression share will remain optimal. Now with this knowledge in your pocket, you can take on the extra competition with confidence.


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