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Done-with-you Program

Get the right formula to scale your campaign ads by connecting to a Facebook Ads expert.

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Ads Amplifier

How It Works

Weekly Group Coaching Program to help scale your Facebook and Instagram Ads.


What is the Ads Amplifier?

In this era of growing digital advertising, your business needs to be running Facebook and Instagram Ads. If you feel that you could get so much more from them, but don’t know exactly how… that’s where I can help.

  • Are you in your Planning Phase?
  • Already launched a couple Facebook Ad campaigns?
  • How do you know if they are actually working?
  • Need re-structuring ideas on your current campaign?
  • Lack the mastery of the Facebook Ad platform?

Whether you are in your planning phase or you already have a structured plan, go in for a weekly coaching program in order to learn the latest traffic and conversion strategies on Facebook and Instagram campaigns that can scale your ad spend profitably.

If you want to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS), then Let’s start talking! Get the support and guidance you need every week.

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What are the Benefits?

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Expert Advise

A Facebook Ads expert that supports and helps you take your business where you’ve always dreamed of by providing advice on the right scaling strategies for your business.

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More Conversions

Be confident to get the results you want by getting weekly feedback on your Ad campaigns performance.

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Grow your Business

Go from spending a few hundred dollars a month on Facebook ads to thousands a month in profitable ad spend.

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Who Is This For?

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Online Course Creators


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Online Coaches

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Membership Site Owners


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Other industries and niches


This program is primarily for Online Course Creators, Online Coaches and Membership site owners, but can also work well for other industries and niches.

The program is perfect for entrepreneurs that want to hand off management of their ads to an expert but just can’t afford to do so yet, but are also too busy to figure out Facebook Ads by themselves.

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How Much Does It Cost?

For only $2000, you'll receive feedback and expert guidance from an experienced Facebook Ads Strategist for 12 weeks or one quarter plus an access to a private Facebook group full of like-minded entrepreneurs who are building their business from the ground up.

I’m here for you every week – all with the goal of providing priceless individual and group learnings within the context of a structured group coaching format.

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Top features

  • Weekly Expert Advise
  • Access to Facebook Private Group
  • Access to Course Materials
  • One-to-One session (if necessary)
  • Plus Bonus  Modules!
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Georges Wansek

Alvaro Berrios has been instrumental in my ability to create a successful lead generation Facebook Ad campaign.

His program was thorough with weekly coaching calls and actions to take. I was able to create a campaign from scratch, make necessary adjustments as time went by and get results. Over time with the changements, the ad cost also went down.

Alvaro is very knowledgeable, his explanations are clear, his program brings results. I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to get started with Facebook ads to take a look at his program.

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Emma Lewzey

Alvaro's coaching and guidance were a HUGE help during the launch of my first online course. Not did he help me understand higher level strategies for reaching my target audience, and effectively using ads at each stage of my launch - but he also helped support this FB ad newbie in navigating my way through all the set-up in Ad Manager so I could execute on the tactics (did I mention yet that Alvaro is also very patient? 😅)

These days, I'm pixel-ing like a pro, and getting some amazing results (like $3.17 per lead for my first webinar registration ad!) 🙌 Thanks Alvaro!"

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Kwadwo Sampany-Kessie

"Straight up, after taking Alvaro's FB course, I told three of my friends (Kara, Deshawn & Jeremy) to take his small group coaching so they could level-up their FB ads skills quick and make more money with their businesses. It's like when you discover a video game cheat code. The first thing you do is tell your friends that play the same game.

I had paid for three courses before joining Alvaro's FB coaching program. He didn't just teach me Facebook ads. He coached me through his mindset. Now, I don't need another Facebook course. And for the first time, I built a Facebook ad campaign that made me money!!

Thank you Alvaro. Your course was a game changer."

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Meredith Louden

"I literally went from spending an entire year trying to figure out Facebook ads all on my own, and spending a bunch of money with no  results. But then, after just 1 coaching call with Alvaro, my mind was blown, because the same ad I’d been running with no results - starting making sales immediately and our ads are now performing better than ever before! Working with Alvaro has truly changed our business. I can’t imagine NOT having joined his Ads Amplifier membership because we now have so much more control over our sales revenue since Alvaro really showed us how to effectively target COLD audiences, so now, it feels like we'll never run out of new customers! All Because of Alvaro’s help, we’re growing exponentially, so not only has my business changed but this has opened up so many more opportunities for my LIFE.

My business is now growing so fast and I seriously cannot thank Alvaro enough for his AMAZING Facebook Ads coaching. It’s truly incredible how much he has helped us grow our business in such a short amount of time. And now I’m just so excited to keep leveraging Facebook ads and to keep growing my business! 

In the Ads Amplifier course, Alvaro teaches way more than just Facebook ads. We get into full-blown marketing, sales psychology, and persuasion techniques. What you learn from Alvaro is how to be an effective advertiser no matter where you’re advertising! I can now use what I learned to run ads ANYWHERE. If you’re looking to grow your business, then joining Alvaro’s program is a MUST! "

Next Steps

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Submit an Application

To express your interest and in order to identify whether your business will be a good fit, submit your application form and discuss about your business.

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Schedule a Call

After discovering that we are a good fit upon submission of your application. We will jump into a discovery session call to discuss about your business and receive a custom coaching program that is tailored to your business needs based upon what is discovered during the free strategy session.

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Weekly Mentorship Calls

Access to weekly feedback calls that is meant to speed up your ability to scale your Facebook & Instagram ads.

Whether you’re just getting started with your Facebook Ads journey, or you’ve been dabbling for a while but are unsure of where to go from here, my goal will be to profitably scale your ads so that you can eventually hand off management to and outside team that way you can focus on what you do best.

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